The Investigatory Powers Bill/Draft Communications Data Bill - How it infringes your basic right to privacy and what to do about it

What's that, then?



It's a bill to give the Government extraordinary powers of surveillance over UK citizens.

The Investigatory Powers Bill (previously the Draft Communications Data Bill) or, as it is more commonly referred to, The Snooper's Charter.






Britain is the first Western country trying to impose a level of surveillance that requires your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to store and retain YOUR web history for a year without any warrant or signing off from any independent authority.


It also gives extraordinary powers to hack into your computer and your phone (even switching your phone on if it's turned off), to access messages, emails, contacts, location data on everywhere you've been when you were there, how long for...


The full bill, which comes in at a hefty 242 pages can be viewed HERE



If I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear...


You're absolutely entitled to that opinion and, in most cases, you're probably right. However, this is about a right to privacy.


If you don't see privacy as a basic human right, please see the Why should I care? section.